The Importance of Self Care



They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But sometimes it’s hard to move… especially when you're bogged down with negative thoughts and feelings. In a previous blog I recommended everyone "maintain an attitude of gratitude in the face life events that make it next to impossible for most people to still feel grateful and optimistic about their life." This is easier said than done, and during those times it is important that you cover yourself with kindness, meditate on your hopes and desires, and go easy on yourself – at least until you see the first glimmer of strength return.

"The same way your body responds to food, your heart, mind and spirit need nourishment too. You are able to get that nourishment when you indulge in your passions. Because when you truly lose yourself in something you love, you will eventually find yourself." Thus, a truly fulfilling life is lived by letting your passions drive your dreams, and then losing yourself in the process of making them come true.

Eckhart Tolle says "Suffering is necessary until it is unnecessary." To be ready to get up and use this energy to take action to make significant changes in your life self-care is a vital piece in this process. Sufficient self-care will allow you to rise to your feet with confidence, knowing that you’ll gain strength with each step forward you force yourself to make."The positive that will come out of the negative may not be immediate, but the opportunity to begin to make something good come out of something bad is always there, and it is up to you whether you grab a bite of life or starve."

"Building Your Life in Your Highest Dimensions" Guru Singh Teaching on September 13, 2012 from Yoga West Los Angeles

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Austin ( Debs (ò‿ó)♪