Getting to the First Date

Online dating is a unique beast. It is not the same as talking to somebody you meet in person, using common social etiquette, and trying to fit in as we do in our daily lives. Yet most people treat it in exactly this way and wonder why they are having a hard time connecting with somebody.
The goal of online dating is to meet somebody. This requires you to distinguish yourself from others and stand out amongst a huge crowd of people who have exactly the same goal as you do.
I wrote this book in response to the growing amount of content that is being published by Pick Up Artists (PUA) about dating. I thought it was important for men to have a perspective on how to change themselves in a way that would help them feel more confident in the dating process rather than how to change the minds of women to exert influence over those women with the goal of netting their attraction. This book is intentionally non-formulaic. No formula can capture the essence of any individual and to suggest otherwise is misleading at best, and can even be sexist or misogynistic. 
This eBook will show you:
(1) How to get out of people pleasing patterns that are sabatoging your ability to get to the first date
(2) Real life messages that turned women off, feedback from women who received them, and expert analysis of why the message did not work
(3) Real life exchanges betwen men and women, feedback from the women who chose to meet the guy for the date, and expert analysis of successful dynamics at play
(4) How to strike the perfect combination of respect and excitement that triggers attraction all while maintaining your true self
Getting to the First Date is near and dear to me. Not long ago I did not have confidence that a woman would say yes when I asked her out. The pressure that came from wondering about this left me feeling so anxious and fragile I’ve often described it as crumpling like a dry leaf in front of women whom I was attracted to. Especially after a divorce. Tired of a lifetime of feeling this way around women I dedicated the next two years of my time to getting over this barrier.
Little did I know that I was asking the wrong questions of myself - "Will she say yes?” was the most anxiety-provoking way of thinking about asking a woman out. "Am I acting how I would like to act with this woman in this situation?” Now there’s a great question! Simple adjustments like this helped a great deal. There are many many more that are accessible to men like you who are looking for guidance, and that is why I started by writing this book.
It took me months of trial and error, and I had to take what I was learning from expensive self-help programs and apply it to online dating before I got it right. I've been there, I've felt this pain, I’ve hit that wall... But I found a way to break the negative cycles men can get into while online dating in order to get more dates, have more fun in the process, and increase your chances to find the great relationship you're seeking. And I believe you can, too.
32 pages chock-full of advice for relationship minded men on how to drastically improve your chances to meet the women your messaging live and in-person on a real date. 
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* Getting to the First Date is a product from Dan's coaching practice. Coaching is not counseling and should not be considered a substitute for treating mental health issues under the guidance of a licensed professional. 
* Although I have started to work with gay and bisexual clients over the past couple of years I do not have this same specialized knowledge about same sex dating dynamics. I do, however, feel confident that I can provide general relationship advice to gay and bisexual men now that I have accumulated enough experience with this clientele, but I cannot claim an equivalency of knowledge for those looking for how to approach same sex dating dynamics.