Online Dating Blunders: Mistakes Nice Guys Need to Be Aware of… and Avoid!

Dan Bolton

We are living in a very heated time when it come to male-female relationships. As a man the messages can seem contradictory and confusing. On the one hand you hear the message that men are entitled and need to respect what a woman wants, yet on the other hand you hear that women are attracted to confident men, and see women go for the jerks who do what seems disrespectful. You may have even been told to “man up” by women who are frustrated because you haven't made a move yet (but, you were trying to be respectful, right?).

Outside of the over-generalizations about men, the topic does touch on some relevant missteps men make when approaching women. I have written about these problems in my blog helping men to be more self-aware of the ways they undermine their relationships with women and sabotage their own success when it comes to finding a great partner.

Online Dating Blunders: Mistakes Nice Guys Need to Be Aware of… and Avoid! helps men understand the threshold between fun flirtation and disrespectful communication while demonstrating the common complaints about where men go wrong. Women are looking to have fun while dating too, enjoy flirtation, and even enjoy experimenting sexually. But there is a line, and men can get carried away in their own excitement and cross that line. If you were to go by what you hear in the media you only hear about the line, and get the impression that women are asexual beings who only enjoy romantic endeavors through some sort of strict covenant. Knowing where that line is can help take the constant tension of questioning yourself out of the process.

No doubt women don’t want to be harassed or have continual unsolicited flirtation from men they are not interested in. I don’t believe for one second that women want men to be limp fishes who wait for their every direction before they do anything. Women sometimes show disinterest, and in some cases disdain, for men who are passive or overtly permission seeking. I’m sure you’ve experienced this and probably kicked yourself in the ass a few times for it.

Some women do find unassuming guys to be safe, but typically those men end up complaining of being in the friend-zone. So, what are the solutions: (1) for men to get more in touch with their unique masculine energy and take more initiative, or (2) for women to learn to respect men who are more in touch with their emotions and shy about initiating. Maybe it comes down to a bit of both.

We are in an age which women are coming into their personal power. This means more strong women who are eschewing outdated traditional roles. I personally think this is great, but it does present some confusion for romantic relationships as gender roles have not progressed as rapidly with regard to sex and romance as they have in the workplace. So, if you are a man waiting for women to take the initiative, you can keep waiting, but learning how to take the lead is going to benefit your dating pursuits most for the time being.

How men do this is what seems to be a large source of the complaints from women. This is where my complimentary guide, Online Dating Blunders: Mistakes Nice Guys Need to Be Aware of… and Avoid! comes in. What I’ve set out to do to help men like you who are in the process of dating by providing a platform for you to understand what works and what doesn’t work, what sparks a woman’s interest and what alienates women. This is informed directly by feedback from the women who received these messages as well as my personal and professional experience in figuring all of this out.

I made the online dating guides to help give men a compass in how to interact with women from both a compassionate and assertive approach, helping men understand clearly the shit most women get subjected to during the dating process so they don’t make the same mistakes. Eliminating these mistakes will help men feel confident in how they move forward in the conversation, flirt, and be clear about their romantic intentions in a way that does not alienate or offend women. This confidence will help quell any unnecessary fears you have that is furthering unhealthy inhibition and impeding your dating.

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