Relationship Coaching

Services provided include:

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Self-Development for Men
  • Men's Groups
  • Dating Advice
  • Break Up Recovery

Dan specializes in:

  • Helping develop the skills to build lasting relationships
  • Empowering men to feel successful in life and relationships
  • Helping men feel more confident in social or performance situations
  • Overcoming feelings of helplessness or powerlessness
  • Restoring a sense of confidence
  • Confronting and overcoming fears
  • Addressing Intimacy Barriers

Although I have had the opportunity to work with gay and bisexual clients over the past couple of years I do not have this same specialized knowledge about same sex dating dynamics. Some of the same principles do apply, but others may not work, and in fact may run counter to what may be successful in heterosexual dating dynamics. I do, however, feel confident that I can provide general relationship advice to gay and bisexual men now that I have accumulated enough experience with this clientele, as tenets of male self-development are applicable across sexual orientations.