Fees and Payment Options

Payment is expected each session. For your convenience, payment may be made in-person or online. Below are the options available to make your payment online or in-person. 


Dan accepts credit card payments, Pay, & Android Pay with Square. Make a secure payment online with the links below

*Dan Bolton, LMHC does accept Debit Cards from Health Reimbursement Accounts (aka Benefit Cards) 


Order Online

Service Rate
Initial Assessment $200
Individual Session (45 minutes) $125
Individual Session (30 minutes) $80
Couples/Family Session $175

Please note, if you have insurance that Dan Bolton, LMHC is In-Network with, then you are only responsible for the copayment indicated by your plan (unless your insurance plan rejects your claim)

If Dan Bolton, LMHC is not In-Network with your insurance you may still be able to use your insurance. You may have a deductible if your insurance plan has Out-of-Network benefits 

IMPORTANT!- It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of your own Insurance Plan before you come for a visit. Dan Bolton, LMHC's office may call your Insurance provider as a courtesy to clarify the details of your plan. If your Insurance does not pay for your services, In the event that you lose coverage or your insurance provider fails to reimburse, then the cost of the session(s) will be billed directly to you  as detailed in the Treatment and Fee Agreement you signed at your first session. 

Cancellation policy:  I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellation made within 24 hours of your appointment is considered a "late cancellation" and is billable to you.  Please note: your insurance company does not pay for missed sessions.