Helping Men Find Their Personal Power: Feminism and the Male Conundrum

Dan Bolton


I'm here to bring the message to men that masculinity is ok. It is a large part of a man's personal power. There have been many messages put out in the world about sex and relationships that men have unfortunately interpreted to mean relinquishing their masculinity. As a result they feel paralyzed and frustrated. Because men think that it is no longer ok to express their masculinity in the real world, they often find access to it by absorbing themselves in watching sports and porn. I am not here to moralize to men about this at all. One of my aims is to help men clear up some of the confusing messages they receive about how they, as men, should act in the world and help them find access to their masculine expression so they be happy in their real life as well, and not only in distractions from it.

We live in a world where the feminist narrative has taken on a much more predominant role than it has in the past. This is in so many ways a great thing. This modern social narrative is affecting how both men and women are socially conditioned, both in positive and sometimes negative ways. Don't get me wrong. I wholeheartedly support equality between the sexes and think we still have a ways to go to get there. But, as with any idea that aims to set standards for social behavior, when an idea of how people should act is placed on top of how people actually act or have been acting, there is going to be cognitive dissonance. Some of these messages have caused confusion and led men to suffer out in the real world of dating and relationships.

In many ways men and women are at a veritable standoff. A feminist writer named Debora Spar stated it pretty well: "All too often, women are scared of raising the topic of gender with men, thinking it will brand them as radicals or troublemakers, while men are terrified of saying or doing anything that might classify them as politically incorrect. The result is that no one says anything productive at all." Well, I am raising the topic, and hoping it will help to liberate men from hiding large parts of themselves. If it leads to a fruitful, constructive conversation on gender then all the better!

My goal is to ramp up this campaign of mine, get my message out to more men, and get more men involved in finding their personal power to overcome life's hardships, discover their best self, and live their best life. This is the most effective path to creating the dating life and relationships you want. Over the next few months I will be hosting a free monthly tele-seminar on different topics geared towards men on self-development, dating, and relationships. The only thing you have to do to listen in is to sign up for my email list (right here: That is it, and it's free! I will announce the date and time through the email list, and if you cannot make it, you will be emailed the recording of the tele-seminar so you don't miss a beat.

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