Personal Story

I want you to feel confident I can relate to you. So I want to model making myself vulnerable by sharing a snippet of my personal story to show men that it's possible to open up without feeling like your losing your masculinity...

Even during my professional training and first years practicing psychotherapy, like many men, I had my own struggles with relationships and dating. My training and status as a professional did not in and of itself change that. Knowledge alone does not equate to wisdom. When I first got married over a decade ago I thought this solved my relationship insecurities. Boy was I wrong! It only amplified them, and it was not until I had to go through a divorce that it clicked for me. 

At the time I thought divorce was the worst possible thing that could happen to me. It turned out that with a different mindset I was able to transform a bad situation into a great opportunity for myself. It launched me into huge personal growth and self-development. I learned to navigate the dating scene and have a lot of fun with it (rather than dread it like before), and reclaim my life the way I wanted to live it. I met my wife throug this process, remarried, and am happier than I've ever been. My relationships, both good and bad, have put me on a path toward growth and development. I believe that everybody can benefit from viewing relationships from the aspect of personal growth and self-development, and that relationships suffer when this aspect of relationships is not given enough attention. 

I had to learn these hard life lessons on my own. You don't have to. I have come to my conclusions based on years of both professional and personal experience, reflection, and self-development. There were, and still are, very few resources available specifically for men, and it still is taboo for men to talk openly about some of these experiences and the emotions involved in them. I believe a lot of men have gone through the same thing, and a lot more men will without the knowledge and support I am offering here. In my evolution as a therapist and relationship coach I enjoyed seeing that a person could come to the same conclusions from personal experience as a therapist who has done so through years of professional work. My perspective is grounded, and relatable, which I feel is particularly important as men tend to relate better man to man rather than being spoken to from the ivory tower of professionalism.