Ep 1: Dan Bolton on Relationships, Divorce, Rejection


This past week my interview on the Ryan Answers podcast went live. Ryan Jakovljevic is a relationship counseller and coach, a dating coach, and also does personal coaching and counselling as well. Ryan helps individuals and couples solve their relationship problems worldwide via Skype and over the phone, and also sees clients in person where he lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you're interested in working with him you can learn more here.

Not only did Ryan and I hit on an extensive range of topics about rejection, recovering from divorce, and marriage, this interview was a lot of fun. We could have gone on and on. In fact a lot was edited out just to make sure what Ryan published remained within a reasonable duration for how long a podcast is supposed to go. In other words, it is chock full of great information, practical tips for improving and strengthening your relationship, ways to handle rejection, and how to rise from the ashes of a divorce like a Phoenix!

Ryan also has an extensive range of great therapists and relationship experts lined up for his podcast. He has a knack for keeping the discussion entertaining without losing any of the cutting insights into the technical workings of relationships as they happen in real life. It's not a boring intellectual discussion of therapy concepts like most podcasts by therapists are out there. I'll certianly be tuning in regularly and I recommend you tune in as well!  

Episode Summary:

02:30 – Why a Relationship Won’t Solve Your Problems
05:00 – Regain Your Self-Esteem and Personal Power
06:45 – Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
13:15 – The Importance of Maintaining Individuality in a Relationship
19:00 – The Marriage Myth and How it Affects Divorce
25:30 – Reinventing Yourself After a Divorce
28:45 – How to Eliminate Negative Beliefs
31:50 – Online Dating Profile Tips for Men

Check out the full podcast here: http://www.ryananswers.com/ep1/ (it is also available for download as an MP3 so you can save it and listen at your leisure on your computer or mobile device)

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