Why Do Men Have a Harder Time Being Alone?

Why does it seem men have a harder time being alone than women? For one thing, it might be that women socialize with each other and share more than men do. They share both the good and the bad. This may actually be the very reason that makes the experience of being alone so much more painful for men.

Men do not tend to share their pain, but rather try to share their feats and accomplishments in an an attempt to posture or create the impression of strength amongst other men. No man wants to be on the losing end of a competition.

An Open Letter to Young Fathers


This is an open letter to young fathers…

You have embarked on a monumental journey. Maybe you already have long been on this journey. Maybe you have already seen and felt fatherhood as the gift that it is. But, then again, maybe you have been discouraged, and only had flashes of the pride and joy of being a father. Fatherhood is an amazing privilege, and I cannot think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling than being a father. My aim here is to reach out to young fathers and make sure they are not deprived of this great feeling by pointing out some of the obstacles to experiencing it along the way.